Thursday, December 31, 2009

My new year Resolutions

I usually dont make resolutions because i m sure i will forget them within a week... But this time i would like to keep my resolutions simple and practical..

> Maintain a good relationship with all my friends so that they will want to stay in touch with me even after we graduate.

> Be a responsible brother and a caring son to my parents.

> Be a good employee to my employer. (Yeah thats after i get my joining date)

> Be less over-confident.

I guess only these are fully practical.. The other resolutions include:

> Start reading novels

> Reduce my tummy curvature (I bet it ll increase)

> Spend less money on useless things.

> Reduce messaging and the time spent on facebook (I am sure my friends will bet any amount that i wont)

> Less movies/seasons and more priority to useful things like project and studies...

That would be enough i guess.. Hoping for the best to keep up with these resolutions.....

I wish to see a more united, peaceful n healthy INDIA.. Leave all the bad memories of '09 behind and lets start fresh in '10.. Happy New Year... :)

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