Friday, May 22, 2015


You might have already read the high level summary of my North India trip. In this post I intend to write about the first day of my trip. Visiting Delhi during summer could be considered as worst planning ever. But call it climate change or nearing the end of the world, it was pouring in Delhi when I visited. While the city with awesome weather (read as Bangalore) was a steaming 35 degrees, I was in Delhi where the temperature was 24 degrees :D

My initial plan was to spend 2 days in Delhi so that I can cover all the places but after talking to my friend in Delhi, I realized that I don't want to see all the places and the ones I want to see can be covered in a day. However I was stupid enough to book the morning flight which actually gave me less than a day for city tour. But again luck favors the stupid and it being a government holiday, there was absolutely no traffic in the city. I had booked a cab for the city tour through the hotel where I was planning to stay.