Thursday, June 30, 2016

J&K Chapter - In and around Leh

There are 2 kinds of vacation that you take. First one is where you need a break and you don’t care about visiting too many places. You just want to cover few ones and have a relaxed day to spend time with your family/friends. The second one is where you have a time crunch and you want to cover the maximum possible places in the limited time you have. I am the second kind. I mostly laze around at home (and if required I can take WFH and sleep #justsaying) so I would rather make the best of my trip.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

J&K Chapter - Jammu to Leh via Srinagar and Kargil

In the previous post I wrote about how to plan the trip to Leh. That post was written under the assumption that you have read or seen pictures about Leh and were interested to go there. This post and the next one focuses on the locations and routes, intended for those who want to know more about the places or the ones who would want a virtual tour on #GshnyTravels ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

J&K Chapter – Preparing to get Leh’d

Leh, a high-desert city in the Himalayas, is the capital of the Leh region in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir state. (I didn’t know how to start the blog so after a lot of thought process, I copy pasted the above from wiki). Now let me go over how I planned for the trip. In this post I am trying to cover almost everything that will be required to plan a trip to Leh.