Monday, January 25, 2010

My vacation: A perfect blend of Everything

Going home was a spontaneous decision. My initial plans were to start working towards final year project but then fell home sick.. :( I just packed my bags and left off. My parents had no clue regarding my arrival. My vacation was a blend of everything.

The Journey

The journey from Bangalore-Kundapur is a tiring one and I rarely fall asleep on bus. That day I dint sleep during the 10hrs night journey.

My family

My dad has 11 siblings and mom has 5. I could see the happiness in the faces of my uncles and aunts after they saw me. They were also proud of me that I got placed. Speaking of my cousins, I have more then 2 dozen cousins out of which majority of them are younger then me. It’s a nice feeling to be around them and the little ones are really cute. I love kids and have spent a lot of time with them this vacation. At one instance I also started speaking like them. Well there is nothing like being a part of a big family. Being treated like a 10yr old kid even when you are 21, isn’t it great.


Udupi is known as the land of temples. In the radius of 2km from my home there are around 7temples. I visited them all and also went to other famous temples around. Yeah, you can tell that my vacation was more of a pilgrimage.


I met a lot of my PU friends back home and had also had a great time with them. I started missing my hostel friends so went off to Mangalore and spent a great day there.

Rathotsava-Village fair-Paryaya

There was a village fair on 10th Jan, which I had mentioned in my earlier post. Enjoyed that with my close friends and also saw a concert till 1am. My native place is Saligrama. The Saligrama Rathotsava was on 16th Jan. I stayed at my native for 2days and was spending time with my cousins and relatives. My uncle has an ice cream shop. I helped in managing the shop. I do that every year. Those 2 days I do the job of waiter-cashier-manager. It is always a good experience. Udupi Paryaya was on 17th Jan. I will write about it some other time. But it was a fun filled night that started at 9pm on 17th and ended on 9am on 18th. Our family deity (Kuladevata) is Mahalasa Narayani. There was Rathotsava at the temple on 20th Jan. Our Swamiji (Kashi Matt) were also present on the occasion. I got to witness the Pallaki Utsav and also the Rathotsava that day.


Finally the best part of vacation, the FOOD. I was craving for home food in Bangalore. When I went home I had simple yet great food. I happened to get 3feasts in various temples and that is, typical Konkani food. No wonder I look bit fat now. :)


The weather is hot and humid at my place. I hadn’t been to a beach for a long time so decided to go there. None of my friends were around so went alone. It is just 3kms from my place. It’s a calm beach with very few people. Walked for an hour in the shore, cut out from the world and enjoying a moment of peace.

That was a short summary of my 15days vacation. Now back to Hostel. If any of you have relatives in the Udupi-Mangalore area then do visit there for a week. You don’t know what all you can experience at that part of Karnataka.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Infosys Placement Details....

Nithin A: 7th Semester ISE, PESIT was placed in Infosys on 4th January 2010... He wrote about the placement procedure...
Infosys shortlisted 426 students out of 600 odd students in PESIT... Out of the 426, 346 students were offered the job.
The first round consisted of 30 questions from Logical Reasoning and 40 from Verbal.
Logical Reasoning:
5 questions were like this:
5 weights a,b,c,d,e are given and some relation between them is given. Based on that 5 questions were asked like which is d least weight, which is d heaviest. Basically u have to get the order of the weights n u can solve first 5 easily.
Next 5 were diagram based. 4 figures will b given in some order, u have to guess d next figure. Its damn easy.
Next 5 questions are from data sufficiency, like whether u can answer d statement using a) alone or b) alone or using both a) and b).
Next 5 was data interpretation. A table was given and u had to solve 5 questions on that. Its also easy.
Next 5 was logical puzzle not tough at all.
Next 5 was logical deduction.

BOOKS TO REFER: Verbal and nonverbal REASONING BY RS AGARWAL, for Infosys concentrate more on the chapters Data Sufficency, deductions, figures etc.
English 40 questions:
There were 2 passages containing 5 questions each.
8 fill in d blanks.
10 questions on correct the sentences.
10 questions on conclusions on the paragraphs.
Questions on grammatical correction. It was easy overall.
I did not refer any books. For English no need to learn anything.
For interview it was basically HR... Everyone was asked about thier projects.. They basically checked the communication skills.. Just be confident and its a peice of cake to crack the interview..


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Faith... Belief... Fun...

Have you ever tried walking on fire.. Just the thought of it hurts... Imagine people walking over it after fasting a whole day.. And why do people do that..???

Well in tough moments of your life, what do you do..??? Yeah, you pray and not just that u also promise to offer something to god if your problems are solved.. There is this place called Kota (My home, 23kms from UDUPI, Karnataka) where people will walk on the fire if thier problems are solved.. This happens in a ceremony known as "Genda" that happens every year in the Godess Amritheshwari temple.. I watch this event every year.. Hundreds of people participate and none of them have complained of burns.. I guess that is what we call belief and faith.. And it is said that if you wish for something and promise to offer the Genda Seva (as it is called) then it will definitely be fulfilled... Never gave it a try though.. I attend this ceremony for fun.. There will be concerts till around midnight after which the ceremony starts.. There is also a mini fair for 2 days.. Thousands of people, lots of chit chat and of course cops...:) This ceremony is on 9th January every year.. So if you happen to be around UDUPI during that time then do witness this ceremony..