Sunday, December 29, 2013

The river and the forest - Dandeli

Continued from the previous post - The two Beaches - Gokarna & Goa

Day 3
After the overdose of beaches and the sun, we decided to move to the next location - Dandeli. The train was at 930am from Madgaon station and we had to buy tickets from the station for the general compartments. We left from colva beach by the first bus which was at around 715am and reached station at around 815am. There is no direct bus from colva to station. You need to get down at some place and walk for 15mins to reach the station. I think there is a bus from the Madgaon Kadamba station but I am not really sure.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The two Beaches - Gokarna & Goa

2013 has been kind to me. I managed to save a little money this year. And as a bachelor, I wanted to blow it off on something epic (just saying :) ). After speaking with friends, the dates were finalized. 21st to 25th December. It was challenging to decide on the location mainly because we couldn't think of any place which was worth visiting for 5days.

The initial plan was Goa (yeah I have been there twice this year) but it is super expensive this time of the year. So we looked into various options and settled on Gokarna and Dandeli. We still wanted to squeeze in Goa somewhere. So below is how the trip went along. I will write about the trip in 2 separate posts.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The other side!!

We always wish we could re-live the good old days. As PU students we wanted it all to get over soon so that we could go join an engineering college. During engineering we wanted the 4yrs to pass by so that we could take a lucrative job. And once we are there, we want to turn back time and go back to the good old days. I myself have contributed to trending #GoodOldDays, #YouRemember and many such hashtags on twitter (Twitter Addict Alert!!). In the last 2 weeks I got opportunities to revisit my past ( Yeah! Opportunity did knock twice :D ).