Saturday, January 31, 2015


"Indian by birth, blogger by choice" - This was written on the tshirt that I got for the 1st Indiblogger meet that I attended couple of years back. Indiblogger is a community that provides a platform for bloggers to connect and socialize. I have attended 4 meets that happened in Bangalore but have to shamelessly admit that this is the first time I am blogging about it. Each Indiblogger meet was a unique experience and had something different to offer. With every meet I make new acquaintances which over time have become into friendship. There are more familiar faces every time I attend the blogger meet. This time the meet was sponsored by ASUS and was hosted at the ITC Gardenia.


2014 was a great year with a considerable part of my salary going towards exploring new places. The Thailand-Laos trip in September was the highlight of 2014. During that trip I met people from across the world who asked me a lot about India and I realized that I have hardly explored my own country. In October last year I visited the historical places in Maharashtra and it made sense to start the new year by continuing from where I had left off - Mumbai. This trip was different from my other trips because it was more about spending time with my best friends and less about exploring the new place. It was the reunion of my PESIT gang :) I will not post the day to day details here but will just post the places that I visited in my short 3day stay in Mumbai. Took the trip during 1st week of January but was too lazy to sit and write this blog.