Tuesday, June 4, 2024


It has been 4 long years since my last international trip and the same can be said about my blog. Since 2020, I have mostly gone on road trips and did not have anything worthy of a full-fledged blog. In 2022 we were blessed with a daughter, and we felt that if we were to continue our passion for traveling then it should include her as well. Traveling with an infant/toddler is challenging so I will try to go over what we did and how Singapore helped us make this trip easier! 

To be honest, in the good old days I would never plan a standalone trip to Singapore. I always considered it as a transit city to spend a couple of days on my way to some further destination. However, this time since our daughter was around 18 months old, we were limited by the places we could take her. It had to be something leisure and urban with tourist places at commutable distance from the hotel. Very few cities came to mind and Singapore was recommended by many folks who have visited the city.

Singapore Merlion