Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Enough is Enough

Last weekend I was invited to be a part of the event - "Enough is Enough", which was organized by an organization called Breakthrough. The theme of the event was sexual harassment and debunking the myth that when someone is harassed they were #AskingForIt. I have attended such events earlier but this time it was different because this was organized in Vijaya College and the audience was the college crowd aged 18-22. It is tough to talk about sexuality and sexual harassment to them mainly because at that age not everyone is matured enough to take this seriously.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Transit in Hongkong

If you ever happen to travel to west coast of US or any of the island nations near the Pacific then you most probably will have transit in Hong Kong. It is one of those places where Indians get visa on arrival (pre-registration required as of 2017) and the best part about it is that there is no fees associated with the visa. If you are planning a full fledged trip to Hong Kong (and maybe Macau) then this post might give you very less information but I assure you that someday I will do a full fledged trip and blog about it too (yay, one more trip to plan :P). PS: If you are landing during day time make sure to see the view when landing. The airport is on a man made island and the landing is from over the sea.