Sunday, December 15, 2013

The other side!!

We always wish we could re-live the good old days. As PU students we wanted it all to get over soon so that we could go join an engineering college. During engineering we wanted the 4yrs to pass by so that we could take a lucrative job. And once we are there, we want to turn back time and go back to the good old days. I myself have contributed to trending #GoodOldDays, #YouRemember and many such hashtags on twitter (Twitter Addict Alert!!). In the last 2 weeks I got opportunities to revisit my past ( Yeah! Opportunity did knock twice :D ).

Back in PU I got a chance to represent my college for the Rural IT Quiz district finals. After that, my college took quizzing seriously. Not sure if I was the reason for this shift in focus but I choose to believe that I had some role to play. Last week when I visited my hometown, I got invited to the quiz program in the college as a chief guest ( Not sure if it was because of the fact that i started the quizzing trend or because my uncle is now the principal of the college :P ). I remember sitting in that same hall making fun of the speech that the chief guests used to give. I was in my own dream world when someone shared their "secret to success". This time I was standing on the stage about to give the students some "advice to be successful in life". I was not prepared and had no clue what to say. There were 600+ students staring at me. I spoke for around 5mins about how quizzing introduced me to technology which eventually led to me being a software engineer. It was indeed a proud moment when my teachers came up to me and told how happy they were for me.

Before this thought could actually sink in, I got a call from my professor in PESIT asking me if I would like to give a guest lecture on SAN to the students. I have been working in storage industry for 3years now and i was already high on confidence after giving the speech the previous day, so I agreed. I always wanted to be a teacher (It was once my dream but now its my backup plan, just in case :) ). I sat the previous night preparing for what I will speak. It was a tough task. I decided to get into the students shoes and think, what would I want to hear from a person in the industry (Initially all i could think was let me bunk this :P ). My guest lecture was scheduled at 8:15am and i was in college at 8:10am (That is the earliest i have been to class after my 1st year of engineering). It was an awesome experience. After my session was over, a few people actually asked doubts. Felt strange, did things change this drastically in 3yrs. I then had a chat with the professors in the HOD's room. We discussed about academia and the industry (The last time i was in HOD's room we discussed why I had a low attendance and before that it was about my role in the recent mass bunk). I couldn't stay in college for long as i had to ride back 25kms and be in office for a meeting later that day.

The above 2 incidents happened for 2hrs each and in the total 4hrs, I re-lived 6years of my student life. Those were good old days that were not coming back. But I realized I can always revisit those days. As an alumni, I can be on the other side :)

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