Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A well deserved break!!

I have been going to Goa every year from when i was a baby. This was the first time i actually had some real fun. If you are wondering what i did all these years then the answer is, visiting temples (If you are not convinced then read one of my earlier posts here). I have been meaning to go to Goa with friends for ages and i finally got the time last weekend.

I wanted to make 2013 a year of travels, going to atleast one place every 2months. It started off well with Pondi in Jan but every plan made after that got cancelled. The last few months were a lot hectic. I badly wanted a break, and the location, well, GOA. Our bus left Majestic at 8pm and we reached Panji only by 1030am. All of us were new to Goa so had no plans regarding what to do for the next 60 odd hours.

We took activa to ride in the city. A group of friends had come down from Pune and they reached well before us. They went to Baga beach and got a 2BHK house. We freshened up, had our brunch and spent the rest of the afternoon in the waters of Baga Beach. The water at Baga was really very clean. The crowd was less but then towards sunset the crowd increased. We were all hungry and we had heard the chat street at Miramar beach was nice. Not sure if it was the taste or the hunger, we liked the food at Miramar Beach. We wanted to goto a casino but the prices made us feel it was not worth it. It was past 11 when we reached back and we were confused what to do next. All places in Baga were overcrowded and we were all really tired. So we picked our brand from the nearby wine store and headed to our room. (PS: I know it will sound weird but a few of us were non drinkers :P ) We wanted to go to the beach but it started raining :(

We woke up by 9am. We had our breakfast and headed out to the Aguda fort. It had the Dil Chahta Hai fame. It was hot and sunny. We were sweating like pigs. We left this place sooner then we had planned due to the sun. We headed to Anjuna beach. It was a rock beach, couldnt enter the water but if you sit on the rocks, the waves will give you a nice shower. We had our lunch at the hotel facing the beach. After relaxing there for sometime we went to the Arambol beach. This is almost at the end of North Goa. This beach is less crowded and mainly has foreigners taking sun bath (Mann main laddoo phoota? ;) ). This beach is not deep. You can go 100mts into the water and still have water that is waist level high. And go little more further and you can feel the water rising to form the wave. We had snacks at the nearby shack and headed back to Baga. The 25kms to and from ride was amazing. It had amazing view, no traffic and the turns gave us the racer bike feeling. We reached our room, freshened up and headed to Tito club. Did you know the disco opened only at 1030pm? (That is the time Bangalore shuts down). We danced till the closing time, ie 3am. ( :D ) Then we went to the beach. It had drizzled so it was cool. We sat there till around 330am and then we felt hungry. There are a lot places that are open 24*7. We had our dinner (or should we call it early breakfast) and reached our room at around 445am.

We were woken up by the owner of the house at 9am. We had to checkout by 11am. We packed and visited the Calangute beach which is enroute Panji. It has a vast shopping area where you could get those Goa tshirts and shorts. Even cashews are pretty cheap here. We then went to the Old Goa area and visited the St Fransis Church and the museum. We had late lunch and were back in Panji to return the bikes. A few still had a bad hangover and the rest were tired, tanned (rather burnt) and sleep deprived. We finally left Goa at 645pm.

This trip gave us a pretty clear picture of what to do in Goa. So next time when i visit Goa, its gonna be Legen-wait-for-it-dary :)


  1. Nice!!!Goa's always fun. Just a spoiler for you. Aguada fort is not the "dil chahta fort".....actually its chapora fort.....near to Vagator beach.....its a nice place.....keep it on your liist of places to go next time :)

  2. Glad you had fun in Goa and continue with making every year, an year of travels :D

    Loved the punches you used at few places, the best being Mann mein laddo phoota :p


  3. I am also part of that enjoyment in goa with Gourav......really it's awsome trip and I like arambol beach.....

  4. Ah..Goa..I totally agree with the temple part :D and partying their with friends made me mumble "Is there really a heaven out of here?";)