Sunday, January 3, 2010

Faith... Belief... Fun...

Have you ever tried walking on fire.. Just the thought of it hurts... Imagine people walking over it after fasting a whole day.. And why do people do that..???

Well in tough moments of your life, what do you do..??? Yeah, you pray and not just that u also promise to offer something to god if your problems are solved.. There is this place called Kota (My home, 23kms from UDUPI, Karnataka) where people will walk on the fire if thier problems are solved.. This happens in a ceremony known as "Genda" that happens every year in the Godess Amritheshwari temple.. I watch this event every year.. Hundreds of people participate and none of them have complained of burns.. I guess that is what we call belief and faith.. And it is said that if you wish for something and promise to offer the Genda Seva (as it is called) then it will definitely be fulfilled... Never gave it a try though.. I attend this ceremony for fun.. There will be concerts till around midnight after which the ceremony starts.. There is also a mini fair for 2 days.. Thousands of people, lots of chit chat and of course cops...:) This ceremony is on 9th January every year.. So if you happen to be around UDUPI during that time then do witness this ceremony..

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