Sunday, December 27, 2009

The last Sunday of the year 2009....

1230am: I was not feeling sleepy.. So i started reading the "Two States" by Chetan Bhagath... Basically novels put me to sleep... :P There i was reading the book and dint know how time passed by.. It was 4am and wasnt feeling sleepy.. But still slept off...

Luckily got up early enough to get hot water to bath.. It s last sunday of the month so all our community people in blore gather at Kashimatt in Malleshwaram for a monthly Satyanarayan Pooja.. There were around 1000ppl with full chit chat... Had missed that.. Seriously we Konkani's have a big mouth, once we start speaking nothing can stop us (No offence meant).... I had missed the breakfast and was hungry.. The pooja got over at 2 and then there was a "Pravachana" by our Swamiji... Finally lunch was served at 330pm.. Felt like i was in heaven.. You need taste the pure Konkani Brahmin food... Then went over to my cousins place and spent some quality time with her..

Slept off in the bus (my stomach was that full)... Then came back to hostel and completed the novel... Dont know why but got lost in some dreams after reading the novel (no comments plz).. :P Finally to conclude the day, my frds and me went to try the new PES Food Court thats opened up near the hostel.. Food is pretty good.. That pretty sums up "Last Sunday of the Year 2009"... Now need to get back to the books... Exam on tuesday... :(

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