Monday, December 14, 2009

Bollywood ---> Blunderwood

I just came across a link posted by one of my friends in facebook. It was actually an article in outlook.It presented the actual picture of what bollywood means and the actual story behind the terms that are used during the distribution of the film.

A few extracts from the article:

"Most of us always want to know if a film is a hit or a flop.  When you eat at a restaurant, would you want to know if the owner has made a profit or loss? Or would you be more concerned about whether the food is good or bad?"

"The simple truth is most actors can’t read beyond an SMS, leave alone a 100-page script."

"when a print ad claims that a film has grossed Rs 60 crore in two weeks, all it means is that the distributor has earned 20 crore"

"Always remember: when an actor’s look and the film’s style or sets are being talked about, it almost always means that there is no story."

"The southern film industry generated about Rs 1,700 crore last year; Bollywood did less than Rs 600 crore"

Read the original article: Starry Starry Blight

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