Friday, December 18, 2009

Did the exams get over..????

This was what i felt after finishing my exams today... At 1345 when i was going to the exam hall i could see the tensed faces, red eyes, shivering arms... This was converted into big smile and a sigh of relief... Everyone was like "Yipee its finally over"... The joy could be seen in hostel as well... There was a movie hunt going on.. I settled in with PAA whereas a few friends watched Qurbaan and RocketSingh... Well guys... I agree that the 2 toughest papers are done but we still dont know what VTU has in store for us...  Maybe these papers were just trailers.. But who cares we take things in positive sense... So bring it on VTU... We are prepared.... Afterall we have sufferd you for 6 semesters..:)

And as for the exams getting completed my friend Apurva came up with this Quote:

"Journey is more imp than the destination". So enjoy the journey through the exams and dont worry about the results.. All the best....

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