Friday, December 25, 2009

I miss my Friend.....

June 2004: I was joining my PU college.. Had a very few friends from school... I needed a friend who would share a similar taste as me.. One of my best friends from school, who was my partner for IT quizzes for 4years had joined another college.. I needed a quiz partner.. Then i met this guy who was so cool and loved technology just as i did.. An excellent artist and his hidden talent was mimcry.. Our team got the complimentry prize at the RURAL IT Quiz 2004.. That was the first time our PU college got recognized for a technical activity.. We became very good friends.. In 2yrs
we became best friends.. The memories of 2yrs in PU is still fresh.. 26th December was his birthday..
You may be wondering why did i use the term 'was', well he passed away 2yrs ago.. He was suffering from brain tumour.. He knew about this in 2nd PU itself but dint let any of us know about his condition.. Always smiling and very energitic.. How can a person be so strong and that too at the age of 17.. I got to know about his condition only when i was in 1st semester, when he dropped out of college, just months after joining.. He called me up one day and told me that he had his final treatment and is perfectly alright.. He stayed in Mandya so he asked me to come over for a day.. I was busy with my internals so told him i ll be there in the holidays.. That was the last time i spoke to him.. I still regret that i could not fulfil his wish of me meeting him.. We all friends went there a day after his funeral and came to know how much he had suffered in the past few months.. That was the biggest loss in my life.. To this day i get very afraid when i hear that any of my friends is sick.. The pain of loosing a friend is something that no one must experience..
Tommorow would have been his birthday... Remembering him a lot...
"KIRAN ALSE"  I will always miss you... May your soul rest in peace....

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