Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chronicles of Boston Boy - Part 2 : The Place

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When he stepped outside the Boston Airport, it was really beautiful outside. Tall illuminated buildings and some cute people walking around. The weather was amazing. Well he was at an unknown place, among unknown people.

He dreamed of US to be a happening place. A city with lot of beautiful people. He thought he ll go hang out in a bar and try out the famous "How you doing?" (Joey in Friends). But deep inside he knew that he will need to get drunk to speak with women here. (Yeah, Raj from The Big Bang Theory). There he was sitting in the cab and going towards his hotel, and little did he know that his hotel is 30miles out of the city, in a little village called Westborough. Where the nearest place to find food was 4miles away from his hotel. 

This was a weird place to be in. There was no public transport and he needed a taxi to go around the place. He thought of renting a car but since he was below 25yrs of age the car rental was very costly. Luckily for him, he had a colleague who had traveled with him. She had rented a car and she would drop him off to work. Soon they found two other people from other teams who were staying in the same hotel and formed a little gang. Now he was not alone. The rest of the trip looked more promising.

The distance from hotel to office was 10miles. There was a choice as to which route to take. One was the interstate highway. It would take 10mins to reach office because the speed limit was 65mph. The other one was through the woods and lakes which would take around 20mins. Both the routes were amazing for him. The highways showed him all the trucks that he had watched transform into sentient robots in the movie Transformers. The other route showed him the beautiful homes with a garden and a swing. There were people cycling, almost every house had a pet. Everyone owned a car around there. It looked like a perfect place to live in. 

As he was enjoying this new world around him, he missed his folks back home. There he was in a perfect place without the people who made his life perfect. 


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  1. Lovely pictures.
    As they say,grass is always greener on other side of fence :)
    wish for u more better trips in upcoming years.