Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chronicles of Boston Boy - Part 5 : New York

The next big trip was to New York. It was a 4.5hrs Journey from Boston to New York. The round price of the ticket was $36. The hotel prices were around $100 a night so he and his little gang decided to go by the first bus in the morning and return by the last bus at night.

The bus dropped them at China town at around 11am. It was small part of the city dedicated to the Chinese folks in New York. It felt like they were China though the weather was warm and humid like Mangalore. They got lost and walked over 2 miles to come to the actual city. Well every lane looked the same and in their effort to move from the developing nation to the developed nation they passed through the Ground Zero, Government buildings, the financial district and the wall street. Being a weekend it was all deserted.

It was his first time in NY, so he chose the best option to cover all major places. He took the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus pass. It was like the BMTC bus pass. Pay $95 and he could board and get down anywhere. This pass also allowed free entrance to various places. His trip started at the Battery Park. It had a globe that was one of the remains of the World Trade Center. From this place he boarded the ferry to goto the liberty island. Statue of Liberty looked amazing from near. The first thing that came to his mind was the Gomateshwara [He is still figuring out why]. After this he went around the New York down town. Again trendy and fashionable people all around. The streets were organized and on the sides he could see every brand that a girl could think off. And just like in Bangalore the streets had the branded duplicate stuff (Maybe because Chinese people stayed close by).

The next major stop was the Empire State Building. He had heard a lot about it and also seen it couple of times in the TV Show How I Met Your Mother. He reached there around evening. It was 80 floors up by lift and an optional 6 floors walking up the stairs. It was tiring walking the 6floors but the view and breeze on the outside was worth the effort. He saw the 360 degree view of NY. It was not dark and the view was amazing. He was up there for an hour and when it was time to return back, NY was all lighted up. Now this view was even more amazing. Just when he thought he had seen everything in NY he reached The Times Square.

Now that was the most happening place. Street performers, brands and its duplicates all in one place. People of all race, religion and colour truly explaining the unity in diversity. It also had huge LED display boards that kept playing the Ads. As one of my colleague rightly said - "Times Square Rocks". There were people in various costumes such as Mickey and Donald duck and charged $5 for a pic with them. As he was walking by the streets he passed by various places and saw various kinds of people which i choose not to write just to keep this post in the 'U' rating (Dirty minds know what i mean) :D It was a perfect 1 day trip. He would have got tears of happiness but it rained and spoiled the whole moment. It rained so heavily and the streets were deserted. Think of the old movies, where there is a market place and when the princess passed by the route, everyone runs in the nearest available shelter and peep outside. The shelter he chose was the Hard Rock Cafe.

There was a waiting list and his turn came after 40mins of waiting. His gang was tired and so was he. That 40 minutes was the only rest they got since they stepped out of the bus in the morning. Hard Rock Cafe had a nice ambiance, there was no live performance but they played some good music. One of his friends had a cocktail and rest of them had mock-tails and desserts. Everything was so delicious. It was almost midnight and they had a bus to catch to return back. He did not want to leave but he had to. The rain had stopped and the public was back to the streets. It was such a romantic weather, as he walked by he realized how forever alone he was and imagined a whole list of girls (actually a slide show) whom he thought could have been a perfect company for this occasion. He boarded the bus back and as the bus left New York he fell asleep with a little smile on his face. :)

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  1. Loved the post.. Especially your witty comment in between :p

    And yes the pics make me wanna go to New York right now :D