Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Rainy days were so different when he was young.
It was about colorful raincoats.
It was about new umbrella every year.
It was about the new rainy shoes.
It was about making paper boats with cousins.
It was about calling school and seeing if they have declared a holiday

It was about looking out of the school bus and seeing the green fields.
It was about jumping in the water on the road trying to make his friends wet
It was turning the umbrella and watching the water droplets fly
It was about coming to class and searching a place to keep the umbrella open for drying
It was about the sweet smell of mud
It was about the sound of rain drops falling on the mud tiles
It was about his fear with every thunder
It was about going to swim in the temple pond because rains clean the stagnant water

Things have changed now
It is about the chaos that rain creates
It is about the stink that open garbage creates
It is about tweeting about rains
It is about posting a wacky status on facebook
It is about instagram pics about rain
It is about avoiding the water on the road
It is about taking work from home 
It is about feeling Forever Alone looking at the romantic weather

Each one will have their own list. This is what i could think of in the last 15mins. Always feels good to look back at the GOOD OLD DAYS :)