Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chronicles of Boston Boy - Part 4 : Boston

The weekend was here. It was time to leave the village and head towards the city. He had 3 weekends to spend. So he decided that one weekend would be Boston.

 He had heard Boston had some good places to visit. As he planned the trip with his colleague he realized it was so difficult to drive around the city and also finding parking was going to be a nightmare. So he chose the next best option - The city tour. Boston has a long history. The tour guide spoke about the freedom struggle and showed around all the historic places. Each building had a story to tell. In Boston they do not demolish the old buildings but reconstruct the interiors to preserve the building.

He knew about the Indian freedom struggle, he knew the great leaders, he knew where these great leaders died but he never cared enough to visit those places. He had not visited the Raj Ghat nor the Sabarmathi Ashram but in Boston he visited all the graveyards and monuments that signified the Boston freedom struggle. He also visited the famous Harward University and MIT. Amazing campus and perfect environment to study. (If you are not serious about studies then it has the romantic ambiance and cute girls to keep you interested in college).

Boston was just a sight seeing trip, he did not find anything special about that place. The only thing that was amazing in Boston was the Quincy Market. This place had over 50 different eateries and it did not have any of those famous fast food outlets.  It reminded him of the food street of Bangalore. This was one place in Boston which had those small vendors who were trying to survive the competition and keep their cuisine alive. He could find every insect and reptile in this place (No not zoo, they were being roasted and served for people to eat).

It was end of the Boston trip and while he was returning back to hotel he was thinking of his trip next weekend. It was time for New York. It was going to be Legend...wait for it... dary :)

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