Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chronicles of Boston Boy - Part 1 : The Travel

Date : September 9th
Time : 4am

Remember the movie Border, where Jakie Shroff stands and waits for it to be sunrise so that he can finally fly his jet and help his fellow soldiers win the battle. Well this guys case was something similar. He had a 630 am flight and he was at the airport waiting for sunrise so that he can finally board his first international flight. There was so much uncertainty about this trip, it was already postponed twice, so he had told only a few ppl about this trip. Now it was time, the gates were opened and there was one last thing to do - Post a check-in on Facebook. Its like unless they see a check-in, people dont tend to believe that someone is going onsite.

Time: 6:30am
He had taken a window seat imagining that the view will be amazing. As it turns out his seat was near the wings. So when he opened the window shade, all he got was sunlight that made him blind for a minute. He couldnt do anything in the plane. He had woken up at 7am the previous day, so it was no sleep for 24hrs. They served some nice breakfast on the flight. Parota and Dal was not something he had for breakfast but when hungry i dont think it matters. The next thing he remembers is waking up and finding a snack box in front of him. It had chocolate muffins, chocolate coated raisins and some butter biscuits. And he ate it all and went back to doing what he does best - Sleeping :)

Time: 12:30pm (London Time)
10.5hrs of flight done and it was finally time to land. It was a bright afternoon in London. Amazing view of the city from the window (not mine but from the window in the front seat) The terminal 5 (5A) of London Heathrow Airport was huge. It was way bigger then the Bengaluru International Airport. He had a 5hr transit in London. The terminal 5 was something like Mantri Mall on a weekend - full of shops, full of people speaking languages that you dont understand. Even the brands were new to him. His brain needed a new add on. A currency convertor that will convert every thing to rupees. And once he got that, everything looked so expensive. A burger for Rs 400 was not something he wanted to eat. And he felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Terminal. 5hrs of doing nothing with worst part being there was no complimentary internet (He was sad that he couldnt post a FB checkin from London). 

Time: 5pm (London Time)
It was time for his next flight and it was from Terminal - 5B. It was a high speed elevator to the underground train station and then it was a short 1 min train ride from Terminal 5A to 5B. He loved this place. He wished the transit was bit longer and he could step out for couple of hours and see around the city. But it was time to start the journey towards the destination. It was tiring flight to London and he dozed off again for couple of hours when he boarded the next flight. This time he used the little tv in front of his seat. He watched some sitcoms and some movies. And throughout the 8hrs of flight it looked so beautiful outside.

Time: 8pm (Eastern Time)
So after 24hrs of Departure from Bangalore, he finally landed in Boston. He called his Mom and told her its so beautiful outside and will be stepping out of the plane now. It reminded him of those Sci-Fi movies where the astronauts call NASA and tell them they are going for a space walk :D Thanks to the timezone difference it was still Sunday evening and he could get a good nights sleep before he can head to office the next day.

And from that day onwards most of his friends started addressing him as "Boston Boy".

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  1. Gowrav this is such a beautiful post. The simplicity & the honesty of your words totally comes across through it :)

    And yes the whole chronicles series is a compilation of very sweet , feel good posts :)

    Keep writing !!