Sunday, December 13, 2015

Santa Cruz

In my previous post I wrote about Half Moon Bay. In this post I will write about Santa Cruz, and this is not the one in Mumbai. Unlike half moon bay, Santa Cruz is actually a proper city with an easily accessible beach. There is a bus every hour to/from San Jose and the ride is 1hr one way. I pinged one of my juniors who was in Santa Cruz for information but then on the day I woke up late that messed up my schedule. That is the biggest disadvantage of using public transport.

Santa Cruz has a long coast line, most of which we covered walking. If planned properly this place offers paddle surfing and kayaking. Renting or getting your own bicycles is ideal for this location. There is a theme park called the Santa Cruz Boardwalk of which the main attraction is the wooden roller coaster. There is also a vintage train called the Santa Cruz beach train that you can ride while you are here.

You can start with the Boardwalk and then goto Main Beach. You can go for a swim or just walk around at the main beach.
You could walk a mile on the Municipal Wharf that has various restaurants offering sea food and shops to buy souvenirs. 

While you walk from the main beach to the municipal wharf you will find people doing salsa. If you know to dance and have a partner you could just join in. If you are single (and know salsa) then maybe you can ask someone nearby for a dance :)
If you continue walking from the Warf you will arrive at the light house further to which you will reach the seal rock where you can spot a lot of seals sun bathing. If you are lucky then you will be able to spot dolphins at this point.

The lighthouse field state beach is basically a dog park. You will almost every breed of dog doing tricks or fetching balls.

If you continue across the coast you will get natural bridges. We ran out of time and couldn’t visit it. But we did get a glimpse of what it looks like from a distance. 

I think if planned well you can also visit Monterey from Santa Cruz. Make it a weekend trip with a stayover in either Santa Cruz or Monterey. Heard the 17 mile drive is amazing (couldn’t visit it in my previous trip)

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