Monday, December 28, 2015

Pismo Beach

Pismo beach is located on the highway 101 between San Jose and LA. It was a get together trip of our hostel gang. Pismo is famous for the ATV’s (All terrain vehicles) and Sky Diving. We only did the ATVs though.

It has hectares of sand dunes which has the ocean on one side and dunes on the other.
You can rent an ATV for $90 for around 2 hours. The prices vary on the type of ATV you choose and the duration you need it for. Helmets will be provided by them. Wear proper clothes to avoid sun burn and make sure to leave or secure your mobiles and keys because if it falls on the sand then you are not going to find it again.

Knowing how to ride a motorbike makes it tough to drive an ATV because we tend to keep our foot down and also brake too often, both of which are not advisable when riding ATVs. Driving is challenging mainly because there are multiple pits which is difficult to get out of. Also if you slow down or break when climbing a sand dune you will slide down. The only plus side is that due to suspension your ATV will not overturn or throw you off the vehicle.

You can pull off some stunts like in the video below (That is my friend Guru and is shot by Pradeep).

After we were done with the ride, we stopped by Sister Kitchen - a Thai place in the city.

PS: Be prepared to suffer from joint pains once you goto bed that night.

Thanks to Pradeep for driving us to there :)

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