Saturday, December 12, 2015

Half Moon Bay

I started my US blog series with an introduction to California and then wrote about San Francisco. The assumption I am going with is that most people who are traveling to the west coast will probably be staying in the Silicon Valley. In the next few posts I will write about the beaches I visited when I was in the bay area. The nearest beach to visit by public transport is Half Moon Bay. Of course you could drive there, which is the most convenient way.

To reach Half Moon Bay, you need to take the caltrain to Hillsdale station and then the bus to Half Moon Bay. Oh and take the day pass in the bus when you board at Hillsdale. It will come handy. The route from Hillsdale to half moon bay is scenic. 
If you have a sweet tooth then visit the moonside bakery and café. It closes before sunset so visit before you head towards the beach.
You will need to walk a mile from the bus stop to the beach. Half moon bay beach has high waves that rise to almost 6feet high but drops by the time it reaches the shore.
You can have amazing beer and good food at the half moon bay brewery which is accessible via Bus Route 17 or you could walk couple miles by the beach to end up near the brewery and adjoining pier. 
The next must do thing here is ride from half moon bay to Pacifica. If you have your own vehicle then you could stop at the various beaches enroute or you could take the bus and enjoy the view through the window.
Pacifica beach mainly has surfers. Here you will find an ocean facing Taco Bell if you want a budget meal.
If you have taken the bus pass then check for the bus timings and you could stop by the beaches on the way back. But make sure you reach back to Half Moon Bay bus stop before the last bus and Hillsdale before the last caltrain (ie in case you took the public transport). If you have a day to spare after visiting San Francisco then this is a must visit :)
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