Monday, June 25, 2012

The Journey

He loved the overnight journey from/to his hometown. He always had a problem getting sleep while traveling. So he used to select the single window seat every time he traveled. That was his 'alone' time. He used to listen to his favorite playlist and let the cool breeze guide him through a dramatic thought process. It was nice to see that the moon was also traveling with him.

Buddha had enlightenment under the banyan tree. Well the bus was the banyan tree for this guy. He has had 'Eureka' moments in the bus. His first late night sms chat with his crush happened when he was traveling. He also decided to let go of this crush while traveling. Once he passed out of engineering he came with a weird 5yr plan. A plan for his future and for gifting his parents with happiness in installments, year after year. He had a smile on his face as it was an exciting time when he replayed his life, and relived it every time he traveled.

Things were different this time. He was trying really hard to fall asleep. Tears rolled down his eyes every time he blinked. He dint want to travel this time. All the imaginary castles that he had built was down to ashes. Now he wanted to come up with atleast a small imaginary hut but his mind was blank. There he was sitting and wondering "WHY ME?"