Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small Joys

In this busy routine life, we tend to miss out those little things that bring a smile on our face. Last week i decided to take a break from my Bangalore life and go home to visit relatives. Einsteins theory of relativity works very well when we are on a vacation. 5days just flew by. Being a social media addict, i missed twitter and fb. I thought of all the things that i could have tweeted in those 5days. But i also realized those little things i would have missed out if i was glued to the laptop.

Below is the list of the little things i can think of that made me smile during my mini vacation:
  • The happiness on my grandparents face when i went to meet them.
  • When relatives realized i am home and sent me those food item thats not available in Bangalore.
  • The little nap on the swing facing the garden when it was raining heavily.
  • Getting drenched in rain
  • The big yellow school bus that passed by my house. I traveled in it to school for 12yrs
  • The dentist who had done my tooth filling 10yrs back still remembers me.
  • Playing with my little cousins and speaking to them in their language.
  • The relatives asking their kids to be like me when they grow up (Yeah they consider me to be a good role model :P )
  • Wearing a dhoti and going to the temple and collecting the prasadam.
  • Sitting in the temple and listening to the bhajans, and i felt that i actually know the tunes.
  • Giving spl effects such as drums and rapping to remix the bhajans in protest against the relatives who want to listen to them.
  • Singing the school prayers with cousins with whom i used to goto the school.
  • And finally when i seek blessings from the elders and my 1.5yr old cousins follows me and touches everyones feet just like i did.
These are just a few things i could think of in the last 10mins. There are a lot more memories which will make me miss being away from my home town. I wrote this post so that if at all there comes a time when i dont feel like visiting my folks back home, then this will remind me of all the things that i am gonna miss. 

Just look into your life and see if you miss such small joys. If yes, then take some time out of your busy life and experience these little memories :)

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