Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not a student nor a professional

So before i start this post let me put up the tweet that inspired me to put up this post:

So the answer to this question is actually straight forward. But being from VTU its obvious we write stories and never answer to the point. :)

I still remember the date, it was June 11th 2010, the last day in college. I was done with my external project presentation and i sent those fwd messages about end of college and end of 'V Torture U' :) In the past few days a lot of tweeps (we on twitter call our self that) tweeted that they are done with college. It brought back a lot of memories. It not only not brought back my memories but also i ensured everyone remembered their college. The twitter trends indicated that. 

Enough of my bragging, here is what i would suggest you do between the time u sell your engineering books on avenue road and the time u start cribbing about traffic en route office:

First prioritize what you want to do 2yrs down the lane. Would you be working or do you want a Masters degree. Most people decide to work for an year and then go for Masters. In that case i suggest you take a small vacation and get back to your books. Once you join your job you wont have proper time to study. So it will be a good time to prepare. 

If you decide to be an IT slave then decide if are you happy with the job offer you have in your hand. If not then its a good time to get in touch with your seniors or look at the alternatives. A lot of companies are hiring during this time and you can look for another job. You have nothing to lose. :) And if you are happy with your offer (like ME!!) then its party time :D Go on a vacation with classmates/friends/roommate. I bet you ll have a tough time planning one later. If you are someone who s staying away from home then spend time with your family. You are not gonna get those long study holidays/sem end holidays to be with them. 

Just cherish the memories of your engineering. And as i said to most of my juniors "Welcome to the real world, it sucks but you will love it" :D

Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it HAPPENED!

PS: As i always say opinions changes from person to person. So if you have something to add or something to argue on, please leave a comment :)

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