Thursday, March 8, 2012

BeLLadingaLa Oota (Moon light dinner)

So today i was in conference call that started at 8pm and it dint seem to end even though the scheduled time was 9pm. Luckily i had taken the call from home. I stepped out of the home and saw the large beautiful moon. (One of those moments when you regret not having a good camera). So i got lost in thoughts (blah blah in the conf call :P ). But the first thing that came to my mind was the BeLLadingala Oota that i had attended during my childhood.

The concept is pretty simple. A number of people have some good news to share (new car, promotion at work etc). You cant host a big event to celebrate it right. So they get together and check for the full moon day. Select a beach thats not so dangerous and invite friends and family for a treat. So once the location is fixed people need to get on their own to the decided location. They usually reach there before sunset so that people can have some fun in the water. Once the sun sets everyone freshens up and the food is served. They do have some small gas lights or torches but the main source of light is the moon.

Speaking of food. Each person gets lot of variety. Its from as simple as Buns/Bonda to something special such as Pulav. One of the main attractions is the Mundakki Upkari (a variant of bhel puri) with grated raw mango. So to sum up there will be over 20 varieties of food to eat. And no Alcohol (Yeah.. Half of you might be going chheee :) )

So we have a perfect moment with family and friends in the beach, under the clear sky embracing the cool breeze of the sea. Miss those golden days. In cities its those lavish/costly buffets that allow you to eat till you puke and still we dont remember the experience the next day. Glad that i come from the part of India that has its own unique way of spreading joy and creating memories :)


  1. slurrp... man dont remind me of upkari :) n gud that ur back to form too :)

  2. I remember you telling this story while we were in IT - 213 :) Miss those days man :(

  3. Sorry to say that we are missing those moments .. Truely .. :(