Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why did they vote?

It was a normal hot and humid Wednesday morning. All of a sudden, i could hear fireworks and people screaming everywhere. It took me sometime and twitter to realize that Congress had won the Udupi-Chikmagalur bi-election. And thus began the postmortem of why did BJP lose in Udupi. It was a hectic day for me as i had to roam around to get various work done. I happened to eavesdrop on various conversations. Below is what i heard, categorized in various paragraphs.

"Everyone eats biriyani. The Congress first dig holes and then start eating biriyani's. They throw the leftovers into the holes and cover it as if nothing has changed. The BJP get hold of biriyani and as they eat, they pass it around for other people to eat. At the end they just throw the leftovers and get into trouble for what they have done is visible"

So i was in the bus and these people in front of me looked like people working in bank. They wore a nice full shirt tucked into the black trousers. According to them, people were fed up of BJP and its politics. They felt too much drama in the state BJP. And people took the decision to vote BJP out of power. They also felt that its good that Congress came into power as it was the ruling party at the center. PS: No mention of the candidates who stood for elections.

Our maid tells me, she never voted for any party other then BJP. But this time, during campaigning, the Congress people reminded them the good deeds done by Indira Gandhi and how congress is struggling at the center right now to stay in power. She and her family felt bad and voted for Congress.The other class of people i overheard speaking were the people who sold fish. They were talking about how the congress candidate had served them by providing cheaper loans and other basic amenities when he was an MLA. Though the first reason looked pretty lame the second one was valid reason to put someone to power.

A decision was taken around 10yrs back for the four lane conversion of National Highway between Kundapur to Suratkal. When BJP came into power in the state the approval was done and the work started. This was a huge project and hundreds of houses near the roads had to be relocated. The compensation provided was not sufficient enough due to the rising inflation. As it is election time, the blame game started as to who is to blame. This also was a factor for the way people voted.

Now coming to the point of caste politics. Indian govt cant be formed/survive without playing the caste/religion card. But surprisingly i did not hear anyone speak about this today so i would not like to comment on this.

To conclude, one point was pretty clear from everyone that i heard to "Congress dint win this, BJP just lost it for them".

PS: Everything written above is from what i heard and none of it is my personal opinion. I was not able to vote as i was in Bangalore on an urgent task.


  1. 100% i agree that cong not won only bjp lost. and one thing what is use of celebration over there. people gave u vote for their development not for ur enjoyment. yuppa agree that work at time of bjp govt is going exponently and at cong time is going lograthmically. well hope for the best :) :) nicely bloged.

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