Saturday, February 25, 2012


"Your wish is my command"

How we hope the above statement comes true. How good it ll be, if we wish for something and we have it then and there. Well i experienced such scenarios in the near past.

1. I have been working from home for the past couple of weeks due to a family crisis and i miss all the fun things that i do in office. One of the things is the "Team Lunch". It hurts when a foodie like me misses the free lavish lunch sponsored by the company. It was the day when my whole team was out for team lunch and i checked the kitchen to find that nothing spl is cooked at home. I wished i was in office that day. Suddenly i get a call from my uncle saying that there is a feast in the nearby temple and asked me to join him. And that day all my favorite Konkani delicacies were served.

2. There was Nagamandala(A pooja offered to Snake God) happening in my village. There was a feast arranged for 10k+ people. I wanted to go there but realized that i ll have to wait in queue for hours and i had a whole lot of work to complete. It was 8pm and i was done with all my work. I sat back thinking i shouldn't have missed the prasadam. Afterall everyone in village went there. And just then i got a call from my aunt saying the feast is still going on and there were very few ppl. I dint miss the feast that day afterall.

3. In the past couple of weeks i have visited almost all temples in my locality. Only one temple remained, ie the Annegudde temple, 10kms from my house. It was 2days before my visit to blore and i had to attend to loads of personal work. I had to go to the pwd office and on the way back i saw the entrance to the temple and wished i had got down the bus and visited it. I reach home and just when i am about to change my uncle shows up with his family and they tell me that they are going to the temple and there is room for 1more person in the car.

Were this mere coincidences or do i have a sixth sense of the things that are going to happen or is there someone who is making sure that i get the little happiness's in life. I think the answer lies in how we perceive things. I am not looking for an answer, i am just glad these things happened :)

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