Sunday, November 20, 2011

Looking back through a minute of silence

"Long time since we met"
"Yeah.. Its been an year since we passed out of college and a really long time since we met"

<1 minute silence>

The thought process through that one minute is like the traffic flow when the light becomes green. The picture of how we met first till the last time we met passes through the mind in a matter of seconds. Those 4yrs of college days, the unlimited texting, the wait for 12am so that the message counter gets reset, the midnight birthday wishes, the pointless discussions, the teasing etc and then the gangs, massbunks, proxies, labs and the lot of other things pass through the mind in that minute of silence.

The first couple of seconds its the memories related to the person in the conversation above, slowly the other memories associated with the environment comes up. Its like the information is cached in your brain. And will resurface when you sit back listening to some music. The hangover concept is also true incase of these memories. It ll make you think of these things for a couple of days.

Then one fine day you get back to the work routine and forget about the whole episode and it needs another green light. But as one of my friends pointed out "It depends on the friends you meet". I am happy that i have a whole lot of people who are like the green light to my flow of memories and i believe that most of them feel the same about me.

So ending this post with the 2lines that led to writing this post:

"btw any chance are you free tomo eve?"
"Yes i guess so, want to meet?" :)

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  1. haha.. Loved every word in this... Actually this post also acts as green light :)