Monday, December 16, 2019

Long time no blog again

2019 is almost over and I just have two posts to show for this year. I was in a similar blog-less situation back in April 2018 and I wrote a post explaining to the future me about why there was a short break in the blog and ended the post with - “I will try to blog regularly so that you don’t have to read a post like this again”. (Link to the post in the bottom) Well here I am with a similar post again and this post is just me thinking out loud about things that changed over the past few years.

If you have read my blogs then you would observe how the number of posts went from 3 per month to 2 posts this entire year. Back then the package tours were expensive and there was no easy way to find information without approaching a travel agent who would still quote an absurd price to provide you what you want. Hence blogs to rescue. I relied so heavily on blogs to get any information that as a way of giving back, I started blogging too. 

Fast forward to what my generation is doing in 2019. Honeymoon is no longer to Ooty or Shimla, anniversaries are no longer Satyanarayana Pooja and travels are no longer by buses or trains. Travel is getting cheaper and more accessible now. The inspiration behind the places to visit are now based on the posts you see on your social circles (peer pressure?) and they would be your first source for planning your trip. You will find a cousin or friend or co-worker who will give you all the information you need about any place. Now I believe you would go to a blog if you knew the blogger or have referred to it in the past. So in case you somehow land up on my blog it could be one of two reasons. One, you have vacation days and need to check on options from my travels or two, you know where you want to go and are looking up for information. In either case a personal blog such as mine will not give you more choices as this is more of a hobby and the efforts I put to maintain this are bare minimum. It is also restricted to the places explored by me where as a forum such as tripoto or trip advisor gives you more than what you could ask for.  

In the last few years the blogging scene has changed considerably. Now with social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, folks no longer have the patience to sit and read blogs and same applies for people like me who can just put a quick post on the sites and not go through the hassle of drafting and publishing a post. Then there is video blogging which I sure hope to venture into as it looks interesting :)

I keep saying that the blog is for the future me to remember what I have achieved in life and through my posts you too can take a virtual tour of the places I have visited. And now the same can be done by looking up on Instagram or Facebook. Traveling is still an addiction for me even though I am on a blogging detox. I have pending posts which I eventually hope to get to as and when inspiration strikes (which is rare for me in the age of Netflix and PrimeVideo). This year saw a lot of travel for weddings and other family functions which involved some exploration of places near to the venue but very few of them had enough material for a full fledged blog. So for now I have started putting up more elaborate posts on Instagram regarding the places and they are available for search through the hashtag - “#GshnyTravels”. Do follow me on other social media sites and I can assure of no spam (except twitter which is also used for ranting) 

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