Saturday, April 7, 2018

Long time no blog

I received a mail saying my domain is up for renewal and that is when i remembered that it has been ages since I wrote a blog. I even forgot what the last blog I wrote was until I logged into blogger. The last few months were so busy that whenever I found time, I just lazed on the couch watching some dubbed movie on TV or binged the shows that at one point of time I watched within hours of it airing in US. And before you guys think of it, it is not the marriage! I did travel a lot since the wedding, watched more movies in theatre than ever before, almost visited the same number of restaurants per month and gained about the same amount of waistline as before the wedding.

I think I mentioned this in some earlier post but here it is again. I blog so that sometime in future when I sit thinking “What have I done with my life?” or when someone asks me that, I can check my blog. I also had this crazy idea to start a blog series called “How I met your mother” where just like the show I post random things and then when I finally meet her, I could continue with actual story. Anyways, back to this post, someday, way in the future I would sit and look at my blog and see this gap in blogging post my wedding and would wonder what went wrong.  Hence I am writing this post to fill in the blanks.  You can continue reading if that interests you but if you don’t, I totally understand.

Now for the part which is going to make this post different from the rest. I usually spend around 2-4hrs to draft the initial version of the post and more time for final touches but then I usually know what I want to write. This time I have no idea where to start. Since I am clueless, I thought I should do a free flowing post. I am going to spend the next 30 minutes writing whatever comes to my mind and another 30 mins for proof reads and edits.

So looking at my blog, it might seem that I spent so much money on my Europe trip in May 2017 that I did not have money to spend for rest of the year. Well, partly that but then if you were following me on twitter or Instagram then you would know that I did travel a lot. So post the trip to Paris/Switzerland in May, we went to Ooty in June. With wife having to work out of Chennai for a while, I did couple of trips to Chennai while she was there. Then there was a bike trip to Horsley hills in August followed by back to back trips to Udupi/Mangalore for ChooDi pooja, Chauthi and our first Deepavali. That brings us to Tula Sankramana in October when we visit Bhagamandala and Talacauvery every year to offer prayers to the departed ones in the family and also cleanse our sins in the holy river to prepare us for gathering new sins until next year. This year we went to Melukote and did some Madikeri sightseeing during that trip. November, we went to Pondicherry which you already would have read in my blog. If not then probably I should start spamming folks with WhatsApp broadcast the way I get spammed by few of you (no issues, I like your YouTube videos and blogs). November also had a wedding of one of my best friends in Tirupathi so it was ZNMD sort of road trip with flashbacks to college and all, except that all of us on the trip were married and the wife of the guy who married first was also with us :P In December wife had a conference in Mumbai which I used as an excuse to plan another trip to Mumbai. With that ended 2017. That sure was a lot of travel and with all the eating in between, how I could be expected to blog.

Now let me talk about 2018. It has been just 3 months but I have visited Udupi/Mangalore 4 times already. In between we had a trip to Goa to visit temples. Yes, temples. You can find a post about that too in my blog if you think I am bluffing. Thanks to too much politics, my visit to twitter has also reduced. I think I am in a social media detox and it has got nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica (I am not that away from social media too). While I surely maintained distance from blog and twitter, there were several instances which prompted me to return to blogging. Some batch mates who met me after ages said they follow my blog and have used it to plan their trips. A few friends called me for tips and help in planning trips which always made me spend some time drafting the next blog in my head. I have been eating few of my colleagues/friends head because I have so much to share about how to plan a trip that I cannot shut up when someone mentions that they are planning a trip or looking to plan a trip. Maybe I will get back to the phase when I used to say - “Go read my blog” when someone asked me about the trip :P Thank you all for the support and I will try to blog regularly so that you don’t have to read a post like this again ;)

So what else was up with me the last few months? Oh yeah, I started investing in the stock market. Well everyone kept saying the market is awesome now and how some stocks were great picks for them. Little did I know that they were selling it then and I was buying them so that was a hard way to learn more about the market though I am not quite there yet. Did some good picks in Mutual Funds through the downfall post budget which seem to be rewarding now that markets are picking up.

30 minutes is almost done, so yeah to sum up, the last year was busy with a few ups and downs in both personal and professional life but I am glad that I found someone who shares my interests and tolerates me through my blabbering, obsessions and sarcasm and I will be completing a year with her this month. Though my initial intention was not to end this post on a cheesy note about us, I sure hope that the blogs from now on will be about adventures together and hopefully this will be the start of the “How I met your mother” blog series :P

And that is my 30 minutes. Thanks for reading :)

PS: I would have posted this on our anniversary day as a gift to her with special mention and all but then we are not cheesy that way. The only cheese we like is on our food ;)

(And no, I haven’t thought of any other gift to get her for our first anniversary but having me is a good enough gift right? No? Ok)

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