Monday, February 22, 2016

#FlipkartOutdoors Indiblogger Meet

It is the age of ecommerce and we like to do everything from the comfort of our home. Let us take shopping for instance. The once window shopping is now replaced by in window shopping (see what I did there). Given a choice most people like to spend their weekends outdoors, and by outdoors I don’t mean getting stuck in traffic and visiting malls. So you can now browse and select stuff you want to buy during breaks in office, thus keeping weekends free for your family and friends. Each city has weekend getaways that offer a range of activities like camping, cycling, trekking or just lazing in the arms of Mother Nature. Keeping this in mind, Flipkart now has a range of products that will make your outdoor experiences better and also helps you capture those moments to share (show off) to the rest of the world. Well, that pretty much sums up about what #FlipkartOutdoors is all about. 

Last Saturday Flipkart and Indiblogger invited 100 bloggers to experiment and experience #FlipkartOutdoors. Like any other one day trip, it was an early start to the day. We were asked to assemble at Ulsoor by 7:15am. The Indibuses then ferried us to Mango Mist resort on the Bannerghatta road for a day filled with activities with our fellow bloggers. We were handed out biscuits which gave us an idea of how the day is going to be :)

We reached Mango Mist at around 9:15am. We were given 45mins for breakfast and were asked to assemble at the #FlipkartOutdoors assembly point at 10am. It was a breakfast buffet and considering the activities that were lined up, all of us ate enough to survive the day.
At 10am the folks from Flipkart told us about their plan to help people get outdoors and briefed us about various products that they had added to their catalogue. We were then divided into 7 groups and were given demos of the products.

Depending on the kind of outdoor activity, you will need to buy appropriate shoes. This was explained to us by Red Chief Shoes.

The next demo was from Coleman who gave us a demo of camping equipment and showed us the tents, lanterns, coolers, sleeping bags & more of accessories that one might need for camping/picnics.

Whether traveling solo or in a group, music plays a very important role and the folks from Altec Lansing were kind enough to demonstrate the headphones and water proof speakers.

It is the age of wearable devices and fitness tracking is a trend these days. Folks from Samsung showed us the Samsung G2 smart watch. This is bundle of features packaged in a watch.

There was also a demo from Garmin of their various GPS based tracker and fitness bands. 

Then comes the most important gadget required by all of us – Camera. There were 2 brands that came forward to demo us the latest gadgets they had to offer. Sony showcased their action camera and their range of light weight camera. There was also an interesting demo from Polaroid Cube.

After all these demos each team were given 2 Sony action cams, 1 Polaroid cube, 2 Samsung G2 watches, one Garmin equipment and a pair of shoes. We were given mounting and water proof accessories to experiment with the gadgets. We were then given coupons and allowed to pick activity of our choice where we can try out the gadgets given to us. Below is the pic of my team (Team 6)

To name a few activities, as a team we did water zorbing, land zorbing, rock climbing, Zip Line, Burma Bridge, Rope Ladder etc.

After the hectic first half of the day, came the delicious lunch and mocktail. (Mandatory food pic)

Post lunch there were spot prizes given for live tweets, fastest rock climber, most calories burned and fastest assembly of tents. We were then asked to form groups of 8 members for the most awaited event of the day – Paint Ball.

Our team won 2nd place in the paint ball tournament. We destroyed the opponents in 3 mins 53 secs. All those hours spent on playing counter strike came in handy :)

The day just flew by and it was time to return. We boarded the Indibus back to Ulsoor with a tiring and tanned face but with a smile.

Mango Mist - The venue for the event. Good food and well managed outdoor activities.
Flipkart - For sponsoring the event and getting various vendors on board for the demos and trials.
Indiblogger - For planning and executing such an awesome event and inviting me to be a part of it.
Team 6 - The members of Team 6 who made the day memorable and fun :) 

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