Monday, February 8, 2016

Chelavara Falls

This again is one of the places I visited during my trip 3 years back. Chelavara falls is on the Madikeri-Virajpet route. We had a tough time finding this place last time but now there are sign boards everywhere so it should be easy to reach. Even google maps is accurate with the route. The route in the last 5kms is bad but apart from that the roads are good.

This is a small water fall so best time to visit would be post rainy season. You can either see the falls from a distance or climb down to reach the falls. There are signs all over the place saying it is dangerous to enter the water but there is no security guard at this place.

The path to reach the falls is through the bushes. The roots of the trees protruding from the ground act as steps when climbing down to the falls.

Since I knew swimming I entered the water first and tried to find the depth to determine if it is safe for my friends who didn’t know to swim. It turns out that there are enough rocks at the place where water falls and you can sit there comfortably. Sitting under the falls will relieve you of any tiredness. It is basically naturally Jacuzzi.

But reaching there is tricky. There is waist depth water till the huge rock at the centre and then the depth is about 5 feet. From this point to the falls there is a distance of 2 feet where it is really deep. I tried diving down but couldn’t find bottom. Here you will sort of need to stretch your legs to cross and reach the rocks near the falls and slide your bum to go under the falls. Or if you know swimming then there is nothing to worry. Float to glory :)

From the Chelavara Falls turn there is a short cut to reach Bhagamandala/Talacauvery so you can plan your route accordingly. You could also head to Irrupu falls and Nagarhole from here if you are heading back to Bangalore.

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