Monday, May 21, 2012

TV Shows

You tend to pick up a lot of things from your stay in hostel. One of those things is addiction to TV shows. Not the typical saas bahu drama or the CID wala suspense (more of comedy actually) but the ones that are aired in the US.

If you are wondering why i am writing a post about this today, well, i started doing my work integrated MS program from BITS a couple of months back. I had my mid sem exams over the last 2 weekends. And while trying to study for those exams a lot of memories came back to me. And just like my exam preparation in college days, i started watching a new series.

When i started watching the tv shows in 4th sem, these were supposed to be stress busters, like when you get bored of studying u watch one of these episodes. And then towards end of 6th sem it was like when u get bored of watching the TV shows, u study. I bet most of the people who stayed in hostels will agree to it. Yeah i also watched a lot of movies, but listing them will take forever. And worse of all, i cant remember the names of the 500 odd movies i watched in the 4yrs of engineering :D

So below is the list of the TV shows i watched or am watching. Most of them are great and few i stopped watching because i lost the episodes due to the frequent formatting of my harddisk and a few others because it got boring. Ask around and start watching these tv shows. Worth the time spent on them :)

Series Name Status
Suits Watched All [1 Season]
Friends Watched All [10 Seasons]
Sherlock Watched All [2 Seasons]
Joey Watched All [2 Seasons]
Prison Break Watched All [4 Seasons]
Castle Watched All [4 Seasons]
Mentalist Watched All [4 Seasons]
IT Crowd Watched All [4 Seasons]
Burn Notice Watched All [5 Seasons]
The Big Bang Theory Watched All [5 Seasons]
How I met your mother Watched All [7 Seasons]
House Ongoing Season
Naruto [Anime] Ongoing Season
Spartacus Season 1
Fringe Started
Breaking Bad Started
Dexter Till Season 2
Human Target Till Season 2
Californication Till Season 2
Criminal Minds Till Season 2
Coupling Till Season 3
Lie to Me Till Season 3
Leaverage Till Season 3 
Rules of Engagement Till Season 4
Two and Half Men Till Season 5
Hustle Till Season 5
Numb3rs Till Seson 3
Nikita Watching Season 2
Family Guy Watching Season 2
Seinfeld Watching Season 2
White Collar Watching Season 3

In case u need reviews for each one of them, let me know. Will be more than glad to help :)

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