Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bharath Bandh

I still remember the day when i played cricket on the streets of Saligrama(my hometown) in broad daylight. It was an empty street, with just us kids holding coconut branches as our bats and tomato boxes acting as our wickets. We used to run and hide inside whenever a police jeep passed by. I dont remember the reason for the bandh but it was Bharath Bandh that day. Holiday to school and all cousins at home, what more could i ask for. My uncles were discussing the reasons and effects of the bandh and it was all like Tulu to me (i dint know the languages called Greek and Latin existed).

Dont know how fast the time flies. Now we dont love the bandhs. Its just another day when we cant step out of the house. We sit at home and do nothing but stare at our computers/TV and bitch about the bandh in blogs/twitter. And is it actually a bandh for us IT people? Nah.. A few of us are asked to work from home, a major amount of IT professionals are asked to reach office before 8am and leave after 6pm and the remaining folks have a useless holiday which will be compensated on a weekend. How is this a Bandh? Its just like what our govt is doing. They make a fool out of us and we try to do the same. 

All things apart, petrol for 82rps/L is not affordable specially on Bangalore roads, where we spend most of our journey by pressing clutch and breaks that decrease the performance of our vehicle. But being an optimist i really hope this so-called-bandh yields results and the petrol prices do come down.

PS: This is just another ranting of a frustrated mango man.


  1. Hehe.. Hope for another bharat bandh soon. By the way, have you noticed that India is called 'bhaarat' only in a few songs and Only when it's bharat bandh?

  2. Yeah Kiran, as one of the tweets said, we need 5 more bandhs to get back the old price.. :) And yeah, good observation about Bharath :)