Saturday, October 15, 2011


"Did you watch FRIENDS?"
"Whom do u relate yourself to in the cast of FRIENDS?"

The above conversation is common whenever people discuss about the TV series friends. For people who do not know about this sitcom here is a small write up. FRIENDS is a story of 6 people who spend most of the time together in a coffee shop. After you finish watching them i am sure you will find a whole new meaning of dating, friendship, relationship, marriage and family. Also you will be able to relate and recognize the special people in your life. Each character represents a unique personality. Well i am not going to write about the sitcom here but will relate how similar my life in engineering was with the events in FRIENDS. 

Joey and Chandler were great roommates and where so dependent on each other. They shared things and spent time together. I was fortunate enough to have 2 such roommates in engineering. Combined studies, night-outs, sharing textbooks and watching movies together. Playing pranks and also sharing personal things that could not be shared with everyone.And the best part is one of them is still my roommate now.

Joey and Chandler had 4 other friends, who where as close as a family. They all had fun together. Sat in the coffee shop making fun of one another, discussing how they spent their day and commenting about people at workplace. Well we had 6 other friends and had our own Hostel Mess. We sat on the same table everyday for lunch, dinner.. Discussed about our classmates, crushes and lectures.

Chandler tells secrets to Joey, Monica to Rachel but eventually all 6 of them get to know the secret. We shared a similar scenario in our case. No matter who tells what to whom, all 9 of us eventually got to know. All 6 characters of FRIENDS had keys to Monica's apartment. In our case we stayed in 3 different rooms in hostel and most of us had keys to the doors of 2 other rooms. And finally the pain of separation depicted in the last episode of Season 10, well we all felt that the last day of college, spent time together in silence bidding goodbyes and wishing each other the best.

Miss those midnight maggi, nightout where we did nothing but chat and not study, those stupid bets and challenges, the jam-bun/peanut-butter-bun snacks, the super sunday (Dinner on sunday was horrible), the movie marathons and lots more. But what counts is we still are in touch, even now each one of us knows what other person is upto.

I dont regret that it is over but i am glad that it happened.

 Picture from Final year of Engineering :)


  1. I was smiling all way along while I read this post! It is wonderful feeling. I still narrate all these incidents to my close relatives even today!

  2. You were one of the lucky ones. I could never have friends like that since I tend to push people away, but one thing missing in your story, I guess Monica was never a part of your group, she would have killed you for eating maggie. :-P

  3. Well we were a bunch of guys staying in hostel.. Even Monica would become like Joey in that environment :D

  4. sooper macha..keep on writing...nam bagge ne baritha hogbodo :)

  5. Chennagide... looking forward to read more articles... congrats & all the best...