Wednesday, October 19, 2011

17km bike ride

"Hey! Howz your new bike?"
"Any thrilling rides on it so far?"

I have been asked the above questions a lot of times. Will describe the thrilling ride in this blog post.

As a child i used to watch the motor sports where bikes used to zoom on the tracks. Well that did not attract me, i liked the dirt bike wala races. You race on mountains, among the forests along side the river, dodging the big stones and fallen trees. I always wanted to have that thrill. Now i regret having wished for it.

This 17kms ride involved a various kinds of roads, starting with regular roads, then the mud roads, then the roads with holes and no actual roads and finally a classic 4 lane road. I travel through a fancy concrete forest which basically has only cows and dogs every where. The nice cool flowing river is actually the stinky uncovered drainage, the mountains are basically the pile of mud that the road workers dug out but never cared to level them and the best part (worst) is that the situation is such that you have no choice but to slow down and enjoy every single thing mentioned above.

If you havent guessed it yet then i am speaking about my 17km bike ride from home to office everyday. There are multiple routes to my destination. Choosing among them is the toughest part because i know i will end up regretting my decision. The fairly free hole filled service roads or the completely choked main road, the unpredictable traffic via Koramangala or the sure traffic jam at silkboard. And to top it all i end up playing tetris in traffic jam. There are these huge buses, then these cars and then these tiny nano's and reva and there in between all of them is the tiny gap from where i can pass my bike and complete my mission.

Then comes the application of the subjects that i studied in engineering. You remember the algorithms in networks that automatically routed data incase of a node failure, i apply that everyday in my travel. There are new holes on the road everyday, i come up with a path in realtime and dodge most of them.. :) Well after facing through all this misery i finally reach Marathalli. The road from here to my office is a 4lane expressway. After going through a 3rd Gear/30kmph speed on my 150cc bike, i decide to make full utilization of the bikes power, but then again how could i forget the traffic police. :( If it was my lucky day and things are not as described above then it "RAINS" :(

Isnt this ride exciting. Luckily, i have a navigator. My roommate comes with me till Marathalli.2 brains are better then one. He helps me make the tough choices that i need to take during this thrilling journey (stop laughing!!!).

The purpose behind this post was that i am bored in office and couldnt think of a better way to pass time. :) Thanks for reading till this very line :)

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