Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shows to Binge Watch over the weekend!

For folks who know me well, I spend most of my free time either roaming around or watching TV Shows. For the roaming around part I have my travel blogs or Instagram pics. For TV Shows I have not attempted to show off in any way yet (lets just say twitter doesn't count, I mean one or two tweets among all that spam? duh!).

So why have I not attempted to blog about shows so far. Well, I cannot tell you what you may or may not like. And I watch so many shows at a time that my feedback is usually relative to the other shows I watch. There is always a first time for everything, so in this blog I will try to cover the shows that I binge watched recently.

watch multiple episodes of (a television programme) in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

While I have watched a whole bunch of shows, I will stick to shows that all seasons collectively have no more than 20 Episodes so that you can start and finish it over a weekend. The reason I say 20eps is because I want you guys to eat and sleep well too but if you don't care about it, go ahead and watch multiple shows, who am I to stop you guys. Over the next few weeks, I will try to blog more on TV shows (not promising anything). 

Ordering shows based on number of episodes.

1. River : 1 season with 6 episodes 
Genre: Drama
River is a detective who tries to solve the murder of his partner. Along the series he comes across various murders and he can talk to the victims (hallucination or ghost - watch the show to figure out). Those conversations he has helps him solve the cases. 

2. Stranger Things : 1 season with 8 episodes
Genre: Sci-Fi 
According to me this is one of the best Sci-Fi shows ever. The show starts with a kid who goes missing and then weird things start happening as people try to find him. It touches the concept of alternate dimensions.

3. Master of None : 1 season with 10 episodes 
Genre: Comedy
The story revolves around Dev, who is trying his shot in acting. The show focuses on immigrants (parents who migrated to US and their kids born in US). Each episodes touches on various stereotypes and also gives a comparison with their friends and families. 

4. Minority Report : 1 season with 10 episodes
Genre: Fiction
The show tries to continue from where the movie left off. The precogs shown in the movie Minority Report have now grown up but still have their powers and can see future crimes. One of them tries to help the cops to stop the crime by working as a Confidential Informant with one of the female detectives. The show starts off slow but picks the pace after 5 episodes. The show could have been made a lot better but they failed and the show was cancelled. But personally I felt the show was decent and can be watched

5. Peaky Blinders : 3 seasons with 18 episodes in total
Genre: Fiction
Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham post World War 1 and is about the gang run by the Shelby family. Tomas Shelby leads the Peaky Blinders and they steal/kill for money. They run a ring of illegal liquor and fix horse races. The first season is about how he catches the attention of Sir Winston Churchill and subsequent seasons talk about how the manages his illegal business while trying to keep a good front for legal business. 

6. Narcos : 2 seasons with 20 episodes in total
Genre: Crime Thriller 
Narcos is based on the true story of the Colombian drug lord - Pablo Escobar. The first season covers his life from a small time drug dealer to becoming the drug lord. On the other side there are 2 US agents who are working with the Colombian police to kill or capture him. The story line amazingly brings in other drug cartels and how each of them manufacture tons of cocaine in Colombia and smuggle it to Miami and other US states.

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