Thursday, July 28, 2016

#UrbanForest - Comforts of modern life with the joy of nature

The reason most of us travel is to get away from this concrete forest that we stay in. And if you have not been doing that then take the nearest exit from Bangalore through any of the toll booths and you will observe the change in landscape. I remember my good old days in Udupi where my house was surrounded by trees and taking an afternoon nap in the balcony was something to be done on holidays. In Bangalore, holidays do not have anything new to offer.

All the green space inside the city is being converted into apartments and the new ones being constructed outside of the city are too far from the core areas of work. Finding an apartment with greenery is tough. This is what #UrbanForest by Alembic is trying to change. I was invited to be a part of the picnic to experience what this project had to offer.

 The location looked just perfect for a family picnic.

This picnic was a perfect break for the kids and family which engaged in games and activities such as pottery, singing, sandwich making and various parent-children games.

On enquiry I was told that this part of the land will be untouched. The actual location was behind the woods and they would be planting more trees to make it actually look like an apartment complex within the forests.
We got to visit the model apartment which was the exact replica of how the final apartment would look like.

This sure reminded me of my home. Such an initiative to bring the forest to the neighborhood is really amazing considering that the kids these days are glued to the television with hardly any parks for them to go out and play. Not to forget the pets. The current concrete jungle is cruel to the pets and having greenery nearby could really make a difference to the pets too. And assuming that the PokemomGO would still be around when this project completes, people have a place to walk freely near to their homes.

About the #UrbanForest location:
This location is situated around 3kms ahead from the ITPL QPark Mall on the National Highway to Hoskote. It is in the vicinity of the leading hospitals and schools in the area and there is an alternate route to airport which lets you avoid all the traffic.

About Alembic:
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the Group’s flagship company, is one of Asia’s most respected and vertically-integrated companies and its products have captured significant market share in over 75 countries. A heritage of building excellence: The Alembic group established in 1907, has a turnover in excess of USD 400 million, a diversified business portfolio which includes pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate development, glassware, engineering and chemicals.
For more details you can check their website -
They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

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