Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bangalore Food Truck Fiesta

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and things are ever changing here. In this post let me tell about the latest trend in the one thing that Bangalore absolutely loves boasting about - Food. (If you thought weather, then no.. Its terrible these days) From the SLVs to Empires to Barbeque Nation to the whole bunch of breweries, now we have the food trucks. This probably started couple of years back and picked up slow but now I am told there are about 30 food trucks in Bangalore. In one of my previous posts I wrote about how Bangalore celebrated the Open Streets and continuing the similar efforts, BMRCL (Bangalore Metro Rail Corp Ltd) tied up with the food trucks to have a month long food truck fiesta.
The Vivekananda metro station hosted the experimental food truck festival. This was on every weekend in the month of March. There was a new set of food trucks every weekend which made every visit unique. Though I could not try all of them, I am going to blog about what I managed to try during my visits.

1) Tasty Budds
This was the first food truck I visited. I tried out their chicken wings and sandwiches.

2) Sticksnax
Remember the episode of two and half men where Jake tells his friend that they should start an outlet where they can sell all sorts of food on a stick, well this truck exactly that. Their popular snack was the torpedo but when I went to their stall, they told there would be an hour delay. I settled for chicken instead.

3) Smoke Signal BBQ
While Sticksnax sells everything on a stick, these guys have everything barbequed :) Well not rice and noodles BBQ that Russel Peters talks about in his standup comedy but the actual American way of BBQ (well sort off)

4) The Bite Club
I visited this for the Hot Dog and I must agree it was amazing. They did had burgers and fries too but considering the constraint on how much my stomach can hold and the other options I decided to skip the rest of the menu.

5) Road Kill
They say their specialty is their non veg subs and their bun with kheema but when I visited them I had enough bun for the day. So I decided on the chicken wings.

6) The Rolling Chef
This food truck serves the specialty rice and noodles. While most of their menu seemed like the menu at any Chinese restaurant one dish caught my eye. The rice and noodles combo cooked with chicken chunks and schezwan sauce and topped with a half/double fried omelette.

7) Gypsy Kitchen
Most of my friends recommended me to visit the Gypsy Kitchen. Ordered their Chicken burger and the gypsy burger. Lots of cheese and just rightly cooked chicken makes it a perfect mouth watering burger.

There were some vegetarian food trucks too which maybe I will give it a try the next time they are around. Do check out each of their FB pages for their locations for a particular day or future events :) 

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