Saturday, September 5, 2015

Manchanabele - breakfast ride !!

It was just one week from our previous Belur-Chikkamagluru-Halebidu trip and Sagar already started missing highways and bike rides :D. Early morning rides would be best though getting up is a problem for most of us and that too on a Sunday.  We wanted to explore some closest gateways to Bangalore, Manchanbele and  Dodda Aladha Mara roughly being 50 kilometers from Bangalore was perfectly fitting our requirement.

Sunday: 30th , August 2015

Sagar and myself started at 6 am from JP Nagar, took outer ring road till Nayandahalli and then headed straight on Mysore road till Sri Rajarajeshwari Dental College. Took right and nine kilometers straight drive to Dodda Aladha Mara, ten more kilometers to Manchanbele.


Manchanabele is a very small dam, built at the confluence of the Arkavati and the Kumudvati rivers. The view of the reservoir from the road is just beautiful.

Manchanbele Reservoir view 

We took right turn at the gate it took us straight towards the catchment area of the dam.  Do not be surprised if this gate is closed, as we were told that recently there were many Suicide cases due to which they restricted entry for tourists. We were luckily as there was some electric maintenance work going on and the gates were wide open. This is typical village roads, red sand and stones road extending up to five kilometers.

Typical village road

Riding on this road, we could see reservoir, Manchanabele Dam and Savandurga hills.

Manchanbele Dam
Savandurga hills

This place is very calm and quiet, perfect for family picnics. After two kilometers of ride, we spotted farmer plowing field near riverbank hence decided to go and talk to them.

Sittappa plowing 'Ragi' field

The land, which we trespassed was of Mr. Sittappa and his father. Sittappa told us that they together own 4 acres of land and have planted ‘Raggi’ (commonly known as finger millet or red millet) this time. Seeing at crops, he said “there will good earnings as crops looks good and promising” and smiled at us. At 8 am, we left for Dodda Aladha Mara.

'Ragi' crops

2. Dodda Aladha Mara

Had breakfast at Hotel Guru Prakash Darsan (Idly-vada, Poori and coffee came up to Rs. 55 per person) and visited Dodda Aladha Mara (aka Big Banyan Tree). 


Dodda Aladha Mara

It is a 400 years giant old tree, which seems like a singletree covering three acres with unknown origin. The sunlight could only reach ground in patches due to the dense crisscross network of branches. There is a temple in here. Be aware, as branches are very low hanging and moneys all over looking to snatch food items.

Dodda Aladha Mara
Branches of Dodda Alada Mara

We sat there for a while and at 9 am headed back to Bangalore. Nature admirers looking out for early morning rides or breakfast rides do visit this beautiful place.

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