Monday, June 8, 2015

My Nose Knows #sniffsniff

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

Body odour is bad but there is a story behind everything. The story that I want to share here is when I was in Goa couple of years back. Let me start with the situation and then go through the explanation as why. We were a bunch of guys dancing at Tito’s club and it was well past midnight. Our body odour was repelling everyone. We could see that people were drunk and dancing but when they came near us, they gradually drifted apart. I think it’s not that we had a bad body odour but maybe our body odour was a bit more than theirs. Let me go over the different kind of body odour we had that day.

We started our day visiting the fort in North Goa when it was really hot. It was sunny and humid and we were all sweating like a pig. Well that was just a start. From there we rode towards Anjuna beach. The ride in the sun evaporated the sweat and gave us some relief. At Anjuna beach we stopped for lunch. We had some amazing fish, prawns and chicken for lunch along with one beer. I think as we were hogging we sweat even more and that sweat probably had the odour everything that we ate. We sat there by the beach getting tanned and soaking in the heat while the water from the waves sprinkled on us. Once we came away from the beach we smelled like some sea animal which was fresh out of water. A blind person would probably think they were smelling some fish or crab :P

From Anjuna beach we head out to Arambol beach which is in the north most part Goa. Again the ride in the sun. We reached the Arambol beach just before sunset. We played in water and washed out all the body odour. Probably this was the best we smelt after heading out of our room that morning. After watching sunset we head to the Tito’s club where we danced like crazy. I think we probably smelt like everything we ate that day (you tend to smell like the things you ate/drank through the day or it could be just that we were too high to realize what we smelt like).

So to summerize the kinds of body odur we had that day – beer, sea, fish, bad body odour due to sweat, the good body odour that you get after a bath in the sea and finally the smell of smoke and drinks that stick to you when you are in an overcrowded pub. See, not all body odours are bad. A few people might get a turn on or an appetite due to this too (#OkBye)

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