Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Comic Con Bangalore

The first episode of The Big Bang Theory - Season 8 aired today. This show has introduced me to the fun side of science and Penny ( Penny > Science ). Every season has one episode dedicated to Comic Con. It was fun watching those episodes and also made me wish to be a part of that event.

For those who do not know about Comic Con, it is a place to be if you are a comic books fan. Also with the increase in the TV Shows adaptations of the books, this event also features various props that you loved watching on TV. Be it the light saber of Star Wars, the bazinga tshirt of the big bang theory, the pin that is worn by the kings hand in the show Game of Thrones or the shield of Captain America. You can find everything here. And as the name of the event suggests, COMICS. Yes, a lot of them. You get the original collections of superhero comics or the famous novels and the all time favorite Tinkle or Amar Chitra Katha. There is something for everyone. 

Another reason why people visit to comic con is because they get to dress up as their favorite characters. And people get their kids to comic con, well because kids love to meet their favorite cartoon character (or a look alike) in real life. To give a few examples of costumes, there were people dressed up as Ninja Turtle, the simpsons, Iron man, Tony stark, Thor and even there was a Khalisi from game of thrones there. For manga lovers there were loads of characters from Naruto and other famous manga comics.

I attended Comic Con in Bangalore for the first time last year and there was crazy crowd (the entry was free, yeah freeloaders) and this year there was an entry fee of 300rps and still there was a crazier crowd (maybe you cannot put a price on love for comic con). This years Comic Con had an event specially for the twitter folks called the #ComicConHiest. We were given Rs 5000 of virtual money with which we could buy anything we wanted. We had to tweet the pictures of the list of items we wanted to buy (yes, free marketing for those products) and if we had the most items then we would take everything home. Sadly I didnt win it (If I had won then you would know because I would have posted pics all over the place). But it was a good event to explore Comic Con in detail. Below are a few pics from my wishlist (Just pics, didnt buy any :P )

If you missed attending it this year then you can attend the ComicCon that is being held in other cities this year or you could always wait for the next year :)

You can check more pics that my friend Tejovanth has clicked here -> https://plus.google.com/photos/+TejovanthN/albums/6060792053109916401

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