Sunday, February 23, 2014

To quit or not to quit

While everyone seems to be worrying about the Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook, there are a whole lot of other people who are worried about their careers. A lot of companies have gone trough the exercise of laying people off in the name of skill re-balance, title inflation, cost cutting and many other fancy words used in the industry. In certain cases, I have heard the actual reason behind the firing was 'not sucking up to their bosses'. In this context, there are a few questions I would like to post, based on the talks I had with my colleagues and few friends working in other organizations.

1) People say "Love your job, not the company". Is it actually possible? Don't they both go hand in hand?

2) What do you do when you see growth opportunity in your company, but at the expense of being a part of the dirty politics? From what I hear, politics is every where, so will changing company actually help?

3) When you are a critical resource to a team and you know that the team cannot afford to lose you, would it be ethical to quit?

4) When you are not given the due appreciation for all the hard-work you do, what do you do? Even Bhagwat Geetha says fulfill your responsibilities and do not worry about the results. How far does it hold good in the corporate world?

5) Survival of the fittest? I remember reading a tweet which said - 'I want to live, not survive'. Needs some serious thought right?

6) With companies taking the layoff route as an acceptable solution, settling in life or living life king size seems to be a risk. So if the worse was to happen, what next?

These questions are just the tip of an iceberg and a whole lot of people in IT would be having them. I just took an initiative to compile them and post them here. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions and if required we can all sit together and discuss it over a cup of coffee :)

Credits : I wrote this post for Coffee Conversations :) The authors there helped in proof reading and editing the post.

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  1. thought provoking!! i guess it wouldn't be ethical to leave the company when you know you are a critical resource, as long as you know they will value your ethics and reflect the same :)