Friday, July 26, 2013


The world has changed a lot in the past few years. We now also give importance to capturing and sharing our memories along with experiencing it first hand. Photography has come a long way to help us achieve it. I have always been lagging behind when it came to getting the latest stuff. When people started moving towards the digital cameras in the early 2000's, i got my first camera, the one with the 36photo reel. And now that all my friends are owning a DSLR, i finally have a simple low end point and shoot camera. 

A lot of criticism can be seen on the social media about people with DSLR. A person with DSLR is like the animal that is separated from its pack. When a bunch of friends are together, the guy with the camera is out somewhere taking the pics of a leaf or an ant or something colourful lying on the ground. But all jokes apart, their pics are the ones that get the most likes :P 

So why i am writing this post? I attend a lot of events, and blogging is one of the ways i tell people what i learned at those events (Ofcourse i spam on twitter and go blah blah on every person i talk to). So last Saturday, Nikon hosted the #ThroughTheLens event with a simple agenda - "Trends in Photography and Camera Technology". You might have heard people saying that you are capable of a lot more things then you realize. They might be lying to you, but owning a DSLR gives you a whole lot of capabilities to take a pic the way you see it through your eyes.

Just like the way you take different medicines for different diseases, you need to use different cameras and lenses for different types of photography. Below is the summary of various types of photography that is trending in 2013. I will try to keep the description simple and in layman terms.

1) High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) : Imagine that you are on top of a mountain. Your camera might not be able to focus on every detail such as clouds, shadows, greenery etc. So in this type of photography, you click different pictures focusing on one aspect at a time and then use a software to combine them

2) Macro Photography : Its like the birds eye view. Focus on the tiny details like a droplet of water on the tip of a grass. 

3) Bokeh Photography : Also called as blurred photography. Think of disco lights and how blind spotted you get with all those lights blurring your eyes.

4) Panotography : In simple words, Panorama. Everyone must be knowing this considering that all have watched the Apple5 ad where the kids go "cheeeeesssseeee".

5) Time Lapse Photography: You might have seen those "How it was built?" videos in the Discovery channel, where they show the entire construction that spanned over years in a video that lasts less then a minute. Well that is time lapse photography :)

6) Star Trail Photography: We receive messages almost every month saying that the moon or stars or mars/venus are the most beautiful that night. Well this kind of photography would really help you take pictures and compare the reality.

We were shown pictures and videos taken in each of the above trends. All of them were breathtaking. We also got a demo of those cameras and we got to experiment with it at the Tower Kitchen on the 16th Floor of UB City. It was a good learning experience for me and few things did go over my head. Owning a DSLR just got into my bucket list :)

If you need more information about Photography would be a good start.

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