Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So my brother asked me to write a blog about Deepavali. As in how it is different in Bangalore and back home. So here i go :)
In my last 6yrs away from home, this is the first time i am celebrating Deepavali in Bangalore. Celebrating Deepavali in a village is a lot different then celebrating it here in a city. Below is just a comparison from my point of view.

Back home, everyone was busy enjoying the crackers. Everyone had enough space around their house where they can burst crackers without causing troubles to others. Here its all a chaos. Everyone is on the streets.

Back home, you do not get to hear the talks about global warming, pollution etc. Here people make you guilty of celebrating the festival in the traditional way.

Back home, Deepavali starts of by making pooja to the well, filling water from the well into the large pots and heating it using wood. Here in city, you are sure to make a fool of yourself if you try to do the same using a borewell and good luck with finding wood.

Back home, i used to wake up at 5am and goto the temple for the morning pooja. Well this year i just visited couple of temples in the evening. Not sure if there is a temple that has the early morning pooja in this vicinity.

Back home, Deepavali was about visiting relatives, attending pooja's at their places. But here its turning about to be watching new movie releases on that day.

I personally am missing bursting crackers this year with my cousins. The Laxmi Pooja at my uncle's shops was something that i always look forward to. All vehicles of the house would be lined up for the pooja and it was good to see it clean and new for a day. And not to forget the tens of clay lamps that we used to light in front of my house.

Somethings are still same back home and in Bangalore. The delicacies that mom/aunts cook for us during this occasion. I would just say forget Diet and eat, pollution that crackers create is less compared to the pollution you people do throughout the year, so burst a few crackers, share happiness and keep the spirit of Deepavali high :)

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